Privacy Policy

The following information applies to Flash Doc Scanner -PDF scan.

Data collection:

Flash Doc Scanner uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage data.Flash Doc Scanner does not share any information or user data provided to any third party company or service.

Protect your privacy:

Respect for the privacy of users' personal information is a principle of Flash Doc Scanner. Flash Doc Scannerr will take reasonable steps to protect users' personal information and will not disclose such information to any third party other than its partners (without the user's consent), unless disclosure of such information is required by law, court order or government authority User agrees. Exceptions will apply if the user elects to accept such disclosure (if applicable) during the registration process, or as otherwise provided in the disclosure or use of the user's personal information between the user and Flash Doc Scanner and its partners. The user shall bear any risks that may arise from the authorized disclosure of the user's personal information. In order to operate and improve Flash Doc Scanner technology and services, Flash Doc Scanner may collect and use non-personal information of its users or provide such information to third parties to provide a better user experience and improve the quality of our services.

Required permissions:

Flash Doc Scanner requests the following permissions on your device:Camera - The device camera is required to capture document images.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

We may update our Privacy Policy at any time. Please check the frequency of the latest updates.

contact us:

If you have any questions about Flash Doc Scanner privacy. Please contact us at